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Empowering Dairy

Who We Are

Donald and Cheri De Jong established the De Jong Foundation 
to empower dairy farmers, inspire innovative practices and help 
nourish the world through sustainable farming.

The De Jongs founded and serve as the executive leadership for their family farming operations, including Natural Prairie Dairy Farms, Northside Farms and Jersey Gold Dairy. Over the past three decades, through their hard work and focused passion, they have grown a once-small operation into one of the nation’s top milk producers. They are passionate about agricultural innovation techniques and sharing their best practices to benefit all.

Who We Are
From The Founders

This foundation was formed around a single mission:
empowering dairy farmers worldwide.

Our work in dairy has given us so much, we believe it’s
essential for us to return the favor through our shared time, treasure and talents.


We invest in causes we feel passionately about, and in organizations and individuals that share our values. Leadership, learning, and giving back are of the utmost importance to us. We are passionate about empowerment, education, and providing the tools to improve the lives of other farmers.

We Give

What We Hope For

Belief, Passion
& Education.

The De Jong Foundation provides a direct opportunity to incite interest in agriculture among young potential pioneers. The future of dairy depends on providing the next generation of farmers with opportunities to learn, grow and innovate the dairy industry.

The Foundation will fund organizations and individuals that create opportunities to promote research, education, and technological innovation in dairy farming.

Why We Give
What We Hope For

How To Reach Us

Please submit press, grant and general inquiries to:
How To Reach Us
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